Internal Performing Arts Open Call – UK

Internal Performing Arts Open Call
ALTOFEST2014 International Festival of Performing Arts and Interdisciplinary Interventions which takes place in domestic and private spaces donated by the citizens. To GIVE RISE TO A HUMAN/URBAN requalification.

The Festival is inserted in the urban innermost creating a real encounter between citizens and artists, focusing on innovation aesthetics, that is in our opinion the essential requirement to build a new relationship between culture and social context.
”REWRITING SPACES” is the reflection that will go with 2014 Edition Alto Fest questions about the need to radically reshape the relationship with the places , to subvert the use of space and allocation of fixed roles, through never tempted daring incursions (gender, discipline, responsibility, action); and invites artists to enter into dialogue with this reflection, to decline their own definition of ” requalification ” referring to their artistic project.

Further information can be found on the Incoming Festival website:


tel 0039 320 27 96 122


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