RESIDENCY: Pulau Ubin Artists-in-Residency – Singapore

RESIDENCY: Pulau Ubin Artists-in-Residency Programme 2014-2015
Deadline date: October 10

City: Singapore

The Artists Village is conducting an open call for artists and non-artists to apply for the Artists-In-Residency programme (AIR) located on the island of Pulau Ubin. We welcome applications from various disciplines, e.g. dancers, musicians, art critics, writers, curators, environmentalist, scientists, etc to apply and to engage themselves in working with the natural environment on Pulau Ubin. Applicants are highly encouraged to propose projects relating to the environmental, natural and communal content on the island Pulau Ubin.

The Artists-in-Residency programme consists of two phases. For the first phase, the programme offers applicants the option of up to a maximum of 3 months residency on the island. Due to work commitments of local applicants, we hope that with this flexibility, we can provide the artists ample time to perform in-depth researches into their projects. During their residency, applicants are committed to give artist talk(s) on their progress in their researches, conduct a workshop and present their works for an end-residency exhibition.

Phase Two of the programme offers applicants the added opportunity to take part in a 1-month exchange programme with one of our collaborating partners in China, Vietnam and South Korea. This exchange will provide applicants a chance to experience living in another country and form interactions and communications with the foreign art communities.

We have a vision to use the island as a canvas to create art and it is an attempt to attract cultural and art practitioners to work in close contact with this relatively untainted natural environment in Singapore. Through this residency, we hope to provide a chance for artists to develop different perspectives from the experience of living on the island and at the same time, inculcate new outlook towards working in and with nature along with eco-friendlier art practices in this unique residency.

This residency programme is open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. For more information and submission details, please visit the website. This project is organized by The Artists Village and is supported by the National Arts Council of Singapore.


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