OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie
Deadline date: December 31

PAErsche, the E.P.I. Zentrum and the Künstlerforum Bonn/D organize together the second diagrammatic exhibition: The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie

The topic of this experimental and research exhibition are the views of:
lying – sitting – standing – walking – jumping – flying/falling – carrying
what the human is doing and how

The exhibition take place February 2015. The exhibition is included in the Videonale 2015. Some video-essays for this topic are in the production. (Roland Bergére)

The exhibition is not a commercial exhibition, the exhibition is the knowledge in the performance art owed. It is a network to bind the different artistic works in a diagrammatic overview.

The matter for this exhibition will generated in three ways
A) we invite cordial performance artists and theorists to send documents about this topic. text, photos, (till A3) and exceptional video;
B) the performance archive Black Kit generate material from the history in performance and performiung arts;
C) the research project Anthropigtnostical Dishes generated material from an anthropological and ethnographical perspective of human movments of this topic.

See the website from the first exhibition:
See the website of the performance art archive:
See the website of Künstlerforum Bonn:

Deadline: December 31, 2014
Don’t be afraid to ask any questions!

Send the material to:
Boris Nieslony
Boltensternstrasse 16 V6
D – 50735 Köln

Boris Nieslony / Paersche, E.P.I. Zentrum
Susanne Grube / Künstlerforum Bonn
Roland Bergére / Radical-Egal Video


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