PROCESS Series / A Call for Performers and Presenters – Canada

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: PROCESS Series / A Call for Performers and Presenters
Deadline date: unspecified; City: Toronto, Canada; Source: lo bil

The summer series brought out many artists and audiences who wanted to see PROCESS continue… in response i invite artists for this ongoing series, running on the last Sunday each month.

lo bil of the Intergalactic Arts Collective is inviting proposals from performance artists, movement-based artists, sound-based artists, text-based artists, visual artists of any medium, curators, film makers, academics, and other cultural practitioners for our public programme “PROCESS” – a performance series taking place on the last Sunday of every month in the Artscape Youngplace Centre at 180 Shaw Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The aim of the programme is to consider performance-making as a way of being in the world, just as much as it is a part of making art. I include artists who usually perform as well as artists who might not regularly perform, to perform something of their process or to talk about their process, as a way of opening new channels of interest in how we think about our work.

Invited artists can show new works in progress, revisit work they would like to revisit, present research, meet one another, collaborate conversationally, and/or reflect on their performance and process with audiences and other programmed artists. There will be both formal and informal components programmed into each night to encourage conversation that artists are invited to participate in if they feel open to do so. We also offer a space for artists to do something that is helpful to them in their work, i.e. wanting feedback and/or to see how something works with an audience.

The Intergalactic Arts Collective is a group of 12 independent movement-based artists who share Studio 103. We aim to facilitate collaborative exchange fostering new ideas and projects. With these nights we hope to create opportunities for audiences and artists to engage with one another, and to create some dialogue around:
-how work is made
-what a work in progress might be
-how audiences perceive work-in-progress
-how these artists might take their work forward
-how our process affects our performance objectives, our aesthetic perspectives, our cultural place, and other aspects of our collective lives.

This venture is not funded at this initial stage, but artists will be offered a small honorarium based on attendance the evening of their showing. We make this offering in the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration, peer feedback, and good conversation.

To apply to PROCESS please answer the following questions:
1. Name and Contact details
2. What would you like to perform or present?
3. Though not mandatory, if you have any images or links related to your work you would like to share, please feel free to attach or mention.
4. Are there any dates you would be able/not be able to be programmed on?

Send your application or any questions to with the subject heading “PROCESS”.

I will keep all submissions and try to programme as many artists as possible. Thank you for your interest in working with us on this series!


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