RedPlexus – France

Deadline date: April 20, 2015; City: Marseille, France; Source: Christine Bouvier

International Laboratory Festival of Performances
RedPlexus, network of exchanges and of diffusion of new forms of performance.

Dates: September 14 -19, 2015
Where: Marseille, France

Préavis de Désordre Urbain is a laboratory-festival, 6 intense days dedicated to experimentation, to meeting and artistic creation. Each Preavis festival explores the body in public space and focuses on theme, artistic schedule, time to re-build the project of performance and adapt it to the context of the city of Marseille. Impertinent and subversive proposals are welcome.


Flow, circulation, transports punctuate urban life. Urban trajectories are often traced to the millimeter, they should not leave the rail. And if we introduced a grain of sand on an urban route….It is vital to create Emergency Stop Performances on these transit urban routes. Emergency Stop Performances dedicated to the body, desires and rituals. We can explore and inhabit these urban routes in other ways and propose to the public to share an artistic and existential experience. The performances will take place on trips in the city, in public transport or at bus and tramway stops. The car, private sphere into the public sphere, may also be a space of performance.

The performances may take place in a bus or tram, on the outside, on the route, at bus and tramway stops, in a car parked in a parking lot, outside of a car (the public being inside) etc. The selected artists adapt their project to the context of urban space, of a theatre and of Friche la Belle de Mai.

Every artist commits to:
-Participate to the residency in public space and to 3 programmed moments
-Create a radio live performance in the studios of Radio Grenouille (10mn)
-Participate in meetings in bars

Artistic Field: All disciplines focused on Performance: Dance, Theatre, Urban arts, Visual arts, Installation-Performance, architecture/townplanning

Financial and other conditions:
-Honorary fee: 500 € (700 € for 2 artists and more)
-We offer Accommodation, Food ; Technical and logistic help
-We can help you to find money for your travel (consulates, embassy)

-Application form, completed on-line
-Description of the project (concept, biographical detail, artistic statement, motivation , technical requirements, photos, websites links etc.)

Deadline: April 20, 2015


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