Commission site-specific artwork – UK

Shared Space Ahead

Confluence is inviting applications from artists with either a performative or combined arts practice to undertake a commission to create and produce a socially engaged and site-specific artwork in Haverfordwest. As part of a three-year programme to test new models of regeneration and collaboration through the arts, the commission responds to the notion of how people and vehicles could navigate and share public space in Castle Square.

Confluence is devising and testing a new and imaginative model of town centre renewal, engaging the community to inspire and shape the process of urban regeneration in Haverfordwest.

The artist/practice will immerse themselves within Haverfordwest and work collaboratively with its people to produce a thought-provoking response to the subject.

An inclusive fee of £22,000 is offered for the commission.

For a full brief:

Deadline for applications:
5pm, Friday, 27 November 2015
Date of interviews:
Friday, 08 January 2016



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