Nigredo Instinct call – uk

Nigredo Instinct call for set installation designer

We’re a creative company, exploring intimacy, the relationships and the psychological fractures finding the sublime.
Hoops uses multiple outlets, expressing itself through music and a set delivered by way of an interactive instillation.

Hoops is about Ali, Charlie and Bell: a love triangle. One evening, after a wooden spoon fight Bell and Charlie cross the line – instead of clarity, confusion mounts. Hoops asks what it means to love and be loved? And whether these needs can ever be reconciled.

Our designer will create a web like installation which actors interact with. The interactive installation structure is constructed with LED ropes, lighting up during the play.

Fee and Budget to be negotiated.

If interested email by Nov Fri 27th –

Examples of your work

What relevant experience you have (100 max)

Why you would be suited to design Hoops? (100 max)

Applicants must be available for interview: Friday 4th December.

Many thanks,

Nigredo Instinct



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