Bursary to create new Physical Work – UK

Physical Fest & MDI: Bursary to create new Physical Work

(For artists/company based in the northwest of England)

Physical Fest is an annual festival of workshops, events and performances, which attracts artists and participants from all over the world.
Tmesis Theatre and MDI are offering a bursary to an artist/company based in the northwest for the creation of a new piece of work/ re-work an existing piece. The piece can be any style and include text, but must have an emphasis and strong use of movement. A 15-minute extract will then be shown during the festival at the Fest Live showcase. The chosen company will get a £500 grant, 5 days of rehearsal space and mentoring from MDI and Tmesis Theatre.

The residency will take place: 4th – 8th April. Performance on week of Festival: 21st to 28th May 2016. Date TBC. Deadline for applications is 17th January 2016

For more information and application form, visit http://www.physicalfest.com/fest-live

email info@physicalfest.com
website www.physicalfest.com/fest-live


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