Asiatopia Artist in Residence – Thailand

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: Asiatopia Artist in Residence
Deadline date: unspecified;

City: Nan Province, Thailand; Source: Sinéad O’Donnell

Asiatopia Artist in Residence
Director: Chumpon Apisuk & Noi Apisuk
Location: Mae Kumpaeng House, Baan Namkrog Mai, Nan Province, Thailand
Address: Joko Center, Hug Nan Foundation, Baan Haadked Village, Umphur Phupieng, Nan Province, Thailand.

Principle: This residency program is specifically for visual performance, time-based and interdisciplinary art practice, artists will stay and work in residency at Baan Namkrog Mai village, Nan, Thailand. Artists are not required to present their works, but can be arranged if artists request. Artists must give 1 public speaking engagement about his/her own work and /or 1‐3 day(s) workshop with local young people. At the end of residency artists should share his/her documents for the center’s archive. Duration of the residency is 1‐2 months, where artists will be working in village environment in a quarter hectar area.

To apply,contact and information about residency,

Current artist in resident is Sinéad O’Donnell (Ireland). To access Sinéad’s process


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