Short&Sweet: Call for applications – UK

Short&Sweet: Call for applications open

Short&Sweet have their first big night in Manchester and are looking for performers!

The night is FOOL and is on Friday 1st April at Victoria Baths, an ornate empty swimming pool- a beautiful, large space. (

Short&Sweet is a series of three minute performances all in response to one theme. This time the theme is ‘Fool’. Wise, tragic, naïve, reckless the fool has privilege to violate taboos.

Short&Sweet invites proposals from artists for a three minute piece. Feel free to respond to, rebel from or rework the starting point in any magical way that you wish. But you MUST stick to the three minute limit. We’re open to a varied mix- dance, comedy, theatre, music, video, singing, circus are just some ideas but something different would be exciting too. Performers get a rider and documentation of their work.

To apply, email us with your name & idea of what your performance could be.

tel 07807726906


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