OPEN SITE - New open call program waiting for your proposal!!
Application Deadline: 5/23(Mon) without fail

OPEN SITE further develops TWS major open call programs Tokyo Experimental Festival and Emerging Artists Support Program. For over 10 years, each program has supported cross-genre experimental performances and those who aspire to plan and carry out exhibitions.

Utilizing the experience of these two programs, TWS starts the program attained by shaping ideas to the times and by remodeling them into the environment of the creativity needed for our future as well as the sensitivity of that.
OPEN SITE opens the door to accept multiangular activity in creative fields. By this program, TWS will strive to make it to be a new platform for future art and to be a venue for creators from all genres to interact. Its primary theme, “OPEN SITE,” represents its charge to work together with others to create a “site.” 
Not only the planning of performance or exhibition, OPEN SITE also supports that of all: screening, lecture, workshop, symposium, presentation of research, etc. TWS expands the support to the successful candidates in this new program: subsidies, providing TWS Residency as accommodation for residing overseas.

We covet your plan strongly motivated to present new sensation by making free use of the space at TWS Hongo.

【Open Call Information】

≪Calling for≫
Project A (Duration Based)
 * Projects that have DURATION OF TIME.
 (e.g. music, dance, theater works, films & videos, symposiums, workshops etc.)
Project B (Space Based)
 * Projects that can be realized using an EXHIBITION SPACE.
 (e.g. exhibitions of 2D works, 3D works, design, media art, display of research studies etc.)

≪Supports by TWS≫
(1) Providing a space for the project for free of charge
(2) Providing subsidy
 * Project A: 
 - 100,000JPY (residents in Japan) / 200,000JPY (overseas residents)
 - Returning 90% of ticket revenue
 * Project B: 
 - 300,000JPY (residents in Japan) / 400,000JPY (overseas residents)
(3) Providing accommodation in TWS Residency (for overseas residents only)
(4) Assisting a part of PR and management of the project

≪Jury Members≫
- Masahiro Miwa (Composer, Media Artist/ Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS])
- Minoru Hatanaka (Senior Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
- Atsushi Sugita (Art Critic/ Professor, Joshibi University of Art and Design), and so on

≪How to Apply≫
Please download Application Package from TWS website and refer to “Application Outline.”

≪Application Fee≫

≪Program Period / Venue≫
10/15(Sat),2016-3/26(Sun),2017 (tentative)
Tokyo Wonder Site HONGO

For Further information, please contact on .

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