Maison des auteurs – France


La maison des auteurs provides studio residencies to French and foreign authors whose projects have been accepted by a committee of professional artists and script writers.


During his residence or at the end, the author may have to make a public presentation of the project for which he received the support of La Maison des auteurs of la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image. The content and the format will be defined before and in consultation with the Director of La Maison des auteurs.

Accommodation Information

Some free housing is available but it is limited and the priority is given to foreign authors

Studio Information

Located in the heart of Angoulême, la maison des auteurs features 13 individual or shared studios equipped with drawing tables and PCs. It can accomodate up to 25 authors. It supplies them with facilities, equipment, a computer lab and a documentary resource center. Its project further includes the defense of the status of authors and of intellectual property rights.

Technical Information

light tables, animation and illustration softwares, copy room, gallery space on the ground floor


Angoulême hosts since 1974 the International Comics Festival. In the wake of this event, various structures (Comic strip Museum, European School of Visual Arts, School for animated cinematographic skills) were set up and  have fostered the emergence of ongoing dynamism benefiting the town and the region.


2 months to 1 year


10 February, 10 June, 10 October every year


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