Global Performance Studies Issue – Australia

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Global Performance Studies Issue 1.2 “Performance Climates”
Deadline date: January 15, 2017; City: the world; Source: PSi

Performance Studies international conference #22 was held in Melbourne, Australia during the summer of 2016. The theme of the conference was “Performance Climates.” Scholarship and creative work by hundreds of scholars and artists explored how performance creates, illuminates, and participates in climates of all scales and compositions. For the second issue of GPS, we are soliciting proposals for projects related to the theme of Performance Climates.

Proposals for articles / projects due by January 15th, 2017.
Submission of full accepted articles / projects due by March 15th, 2017.

Potential subjects include (but are not limited to):

–What are climates in, of, and for performance?
–In what way do climates perform?
–In what ways do cultural and performance practices create climates?
–In what ways can Performance Studies intervene in climate change?
–How might Performance Studies provoke changes to public policy, governance, technology, and economics in order to effect protections of fragile environments?
–How do performances in everyday life relate to climates within interpersonal, interspecies, and environmental interactions?
–How can Performance Studies adapt to new conditions, institutional frameworks, and localized challenges, while undergoing its own global transformations?
–How do debates within Performance Studies over biodiversity, energy use, land custodianship, resource extraction bear directly on the World’s populations?
–How did work presented at PSi #22 respond to the conference structure: Weather and Events, Land and Durations, Habitat and Environments, Atmosphere and Affects?

GPS seeks proposals for content in these areas (we encourage projects with supplemental content in multiple categories):

–Scholarly Articles
–Critical and analytical essays, position papers, manifestos.
–Artistic Content
–Performance texts, scores, scripts, digital art, recordings of performances.
–Performance reviews, book reviews, reviews of digital resources, reviews of digital work.
–Digital Video
–Video essays, short documentaries, interviews.
–Digital Audio
–Audio papers, podcasts, interviews.
–Digital Images
–Photo essays.

Supplementary Digital Content: Web based submissions, graphics, animations, maps, data visualizations, curated archives, lexicons, annotations, ethnographic notes, games, and supplemental video, audio, and images.

Note: supplementary digital content should be carefully curated and associated with a proposal of a scholarly and/or artistic project.

Requirements for Proposals*:
Proposals for full-length articles: 500-word (max) abstract
Proposals for media projects: 500-word (max) abstract
Proposals for reviews: 250-word (max) abstract

*For articles or reviews that involve supplemental media please include an additional 100-word (max) description of the scope, purpose, and format of the associated media. Please do not send media files with any proposal. Examples of media may be solicited as needed.

About GPS
GPS Journal is a peer reviewed, online, interdisciplinary academic journal published under the auspices of Performance Studies international (PSi). GPS provides a publication platform and resources for artists and scholars engaged in performance and performance studies. We seek work that goes beyond traditional, text-centric models of research, using cross-platform and supplemental media, video, and audio recordings. GPS aims to create and utilize digital methods of publishing as a method for disrupting and intervening in centralized, culturally specific discourses.

Please send submissions and questions to:
Dr. Kevin Brown (Editor, GPS Journal) at


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