AAC Japan: Call for Performing Artists

AAC Japan: Call for Performing Artists (Deadline – 30th Apr)

Awaji Art Circus (AAC) is an international performing arts festival held annually since 2015 which is based in Awaji Island, considered as the Island of Japan’s Origin. Artists gather on Awaji Island from around the world and perform for about one month at multiple venues, schools and local events on the Island, as well as enjoy the history and nature of Awaji Island, experience its traditional culture and share the appeal of Awaji Island and Japan with the world.

・Where: Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
・When: September 28, 2017 (Thu)-November 8, 2017 (Wed)

A) Perform
B) Write on online media such as SNS, blog etc. to let the world know the appeal of AAC/Awaji Island/Japan! (daily).
C) Proactively participate in Japanese cultural experience programs and exchange events
D) Collaborate with local artists and school students to create joint performance to be presented at the end of the Festival.

email 4awajiartcircus@gmail.com
website en.awajiartcircus.com/
tel 08044149489


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