Luminous Bodies – Canada

RESIDENCY PROGRAM: Luminous Bodies Deadline date: January 16, 2017; City: Toronto,Canada; Source: Luminous Bodies Programmed Art Residency Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Canada Program Dates: July 4–17, 2017 Deadline extended: January 16, 2017 Luminous Bodies is a two-week residency to create artworks that shed new light on the human body. Its objective is to challenge […]

Global Performance Studies Issue – Australia

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Global Performance Studies Issue 1.2 “Performance Climates” Deadline date: January 15, 2017; City: the world; Source: PSi Performance Studies international conference #22 was held in Melbourne, Australia during the summer of 2016. The theme of the conference was “Performance Climates.” Scholarship and creative work by hundreds of scholars and artists explored how […]

Science Gallery / Blood – Australia

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Science Gallery / Blood Deadline date: January 8, 2017; City: Melbourne, Australia; Source: LADA A SCIENCE GALLERY LONDON AND SCIENCE GALLERY MELBOURNE SEASON BLOOD is the first cross-network season for Science Gallery, inspired by the original exhibition BLOOD: NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED at Science Gallery Dublin in 2015. Blood is essential for […]

WONDER SEEDS 2017 calling for the artists! Japan

WONDER SEEDS 2017 calling for the artists! ――――――――――――――― Application Deadline: 12/20(Tue) without fail WONDER SEEDS is an open call exhibition aimed to select and sell the works of young artists at TWS Shibuya and the online gallery with the concept of “BUY=SUPPORT”. Currently, we are accepting the application from the artists under 35(As of 2017/3/31) […]

Performance : Tampa – Australia

“Tampa” is a sculpture and performance about the plight of some Middle Eastern refugees in Australia. The artwork references the incident where refugees fleeing wars and persecution in a small leaking boat were intercepted by the Australian Army following their rescue by the Norwegian ship “Tampa”. The refugees were redirected and detained in a refugee […]

Exchange residency program – Japan

  Emerging artists in Japan selected from open applications by Tokyo Wonder Site are sent to live and work in art spaces and cultural institutions overseas that cooperated, while artists from international counterparts are reciprocally invited to spend time at TWS Residency. Artists, who are sent to various cities, engage with local artists and do […]

CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Performance Research Journal ‘On Names’

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance Research Journal ‘On Names’ Deadline date: October 17, 2016: Volume 22, Issue 6–‘On Names’ (September 2017) Proposals Deadline: 17 October 2016 Issue Co-Editors: Konstantina Georgelou and Janez Janša What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet; So Romeo would, were he […]