Artist in Residence (OAZO-AIR) Netherlands

Disciplines: Performing Arts, Visual Arts about OAZO-AIR Open Ateliers Zuidoost Artist in Residence (OAZO AIR), founded in 2010, is based in Amsterdam Zuidoost (aka Bijlmermeer). It is part of “Stichting Open Ateliers Zuidoost” a non-profit organization, founded in 1993, that manages 60 art studios for local artists. OAZO AIR is a space grant and invites […]

Macmillan Brown / Creative – New Zealand

Disciplines: Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Literature, Performing Arts, Textile The size of the grant is $12,000-$15,000. for a three month period. The recipient will need to meet any costs of writing/artistic materials from their award. The Centre can arrange return air travel via the most economical route available. Travel costs will be deducted from the […]